KLS Martin MedLED Chrome

The KLS Martin MedLED Chrome is a truly cordless, modular and adjustable headlight which suits a wide variety of applications. The MedLED Chrome features two modular, rechargeable batteries which can exchanged discretely without hindering the operation of the light during long procedures.

The MarLED features three interchangeable heads:
– MC3 -100 000 Lux with a battery life of 7.75 Hrs and weighing 335g
– MC6 – 200 000 Lux with a battery life of 6.75 Hrs and weighing 335g
– MC7 – 275 000 Lux with a battery life of 3.5 Hrs and weighing 335g

The KLS Martin MedLED is the best choice headlight for any practitioner doing any procedure.

For more information, please download the Brochure.

KLS Martin MedLED Onyx & Sapphire

The MedLED Sapphire and Onyx sets the standard in premium level lighting. The Sapphire and Onyx provide quality and comfortable lighting with a modern, high-performing lighting solution. Both headlights offer a modern, rechargeable battery solution with outstanding performance.

The Sapphire is ideal for situation which require in depth lighting and outstanding illumination. The Sapphire boasts an adjustable operating light field, illumination of 200 000 Lux and 6.5 hours operating time while only weighing 310 grams.

The Onyx offers excellent illumination illumination for the homogeneous surgical field. The Onyx provides a very wide adjustable field with illumination of 100 000 Lux. The operating time provides a minimum of 6.5 hours while only weighing 375 grams.

For more information, please refer to the Broschure.